Outdoor Advertising

With changing lifestyles and the evolution of the "Global Village", more and more people are moving out of their homes for fulfilling basic chores of their everyday lives. The proportion of time that we spend out of home, is increasing as compared to the time we spend indoors. This naturally creates an opportunity for advertisers and brand builders to follow their target audience where-ever they go.

At Silver Campaigns, it's not just our hearts, but the mind as well, which is out there in the open. Whether it is to work, play or simply be at leisure we know what it takes to strike the right chord with the audience. Feel free to call us and check out our entire suite of services catering to all your Below The Line Advertising requirements.

For large format advertising not just in Delhi NCR but Pan India, we have a whole bunch of prime sites with exclusive arrangements in place. To expand the coverage and provide a one stop solution to our customers we leverage strategic partnerships to enhance coverage area without compromising on the quality of service or your RoI. Talk to us for free advice on the best way to make a media plan for your brand or event, countrywide.

  Electricity Bills Across Delhi State

Electricity Bill Advertising gives you the Guarantee of Being Seen. 
Powerful Medium that Offers 100% Reach and a Measureable Return on Your Investment. 


We Have Exclusive Rights for Advertising on Electricity Bills Across Delhi. 


It Allows us to Give You Powerful Consumer Connect Programs in the Indian Capital.


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 Regional Television Advertising

Gulistan (J&K)            1st India News Rajasthan          Khabar Fast & Haryana Express

As our "Global Village" wakes to a new dawn, localisation is clearly emerging as a new mantra. The mantra transcends not just international borders but also national to regional level strategies. The new imperative is to focus and offer the consumer products and services pertinent to his/her environment. In such a backdrop, local television coverage and journalism gains importance.

Information sourced and disseminated for local consumption in a very local flavour gains favour of the masses. While National TV holds centre stage in the GEC genre, Regional TV rules the roost in the news category - with all its local and region specific content. We have thus partnered with some of the most dynamic and fast emerging "Divas" in the regional news channels' space.

We are not just offering Full Commercial Time slots but promise to treat your objectives with innovative ideas and efforts which will make the service fulfil your Brand's objectives.

Design & Planning

We believe that a core aspect of any communication is in understanding the audience. With an in-house team of art and graphics designers we add value to our customers execution plans.


The advantage of having such facilities ensure that you spend your money well, and in places where it is most required. While we are happy to work hand in glove with your designated creative/advertising agency we offer the flexibility to do the needful, where money or time does not work in favour of getting the work done from a specialist creative unit.


Whether it is straightforward sign board, a leaflet or the creative for an large format outdoor advertisement, we are equally at ease to deliver what it takes for a successful campaign.


ears on the ground, eyes on the sky


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