Advertisement Space on IGL Bills Delhi

We offer advertisement space on electricity bills of IGL (Indraprastha Gas Limited). These bills are circulated in the region of Delni NCR, including Noida. The Total bills catered monthly are 6.5 Lacs and minimum order quantity is same.

Advertisement on Bill Front and Back page horizontal Strip:
a) Two spots available for advertisement

b) Advertisement on the front page of bill and envelop of the bill.

c) Front Page Rectangular Advertisement Space (Colored Advertisement) : 80 mm (H) X 89 mm (W)

d) Back Page spot Rectangular Advertisement Space(Coloured Space) : 100 mm (H) X 90 mm (W)

e) Number of electricity bills circulation: 6.5 Lacs , Approximately per month.

Additional Information:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 650000 Unit


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